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Historic Preservation

Allstate Construction offers historic building preservation services designed to maintain timeless structures through careful reconstruction and restoration methods. We also provide rehabilitation services to buildings in need of functional upgrades.

Our team approaches historic preservation with a dedicated focus on the owner’s objectives and respect for the building’s legacy. We carefully consider the structure as we work to stabilize, repair, or maintain the components in need of preservation, reconstruction, rehabilitation, or restoration.

Historic Preservation Projects

Perry City Hall Renovations


Historic Lowndes County Courthouse


Ashley Hall (c. 1920s)


Bishop Hall (c. 1932), Carnegie Hall (c. 1925)

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Allstate’s Historic Restorative Services

At Allstate Construction, we provide comprehensive services to restore function and integrity to your historic building. Our services include preservation, rehabilitation, repairs, and restorations. Facilities we have worked on have dated back to the 17th century.

Why Choose Allstate for Your Historic Building Preservation?

If you have a historic building in need of repairs or upgrades, our experienced team carefully considers its current condition as we apply the right solutions. You can depend on us for:


  • Careful treatment of your building
  • In-depth knowledge and
  • Respect for architectural & historical values

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